Tefya’s Statblock

Pre Campaign

Of those that knew Tefya as a young child, very few would have bet on her becoming a Paladin in adulthood. The daughter of two traders, Tefya spent her childhood bartering on her mother’s stall, looking after her younger brother (which usually involved winding him up and telling him a djinn had stolen his soul or she would sell him to a gnoll) and causing trouble with a band of local children.

That all changed at age twelve when her father failed to return home from one of his trading trips. The family never received word on what happened to him. Without the easy access to exotic goods her father had provided, the family market stall began to suffer. While Tefya’s mother was a savvy trader in her own right, the odds were against her and some desperate deals with unscrupulous loan sharks meant the slavers came calling.

In their darkest moment, fortune smiled upon the family as a passing cleric of Sarenrae was able to help the family out and save them from the slaver’s block. In return, Tefya promised to dedicate herself as a cleric of Sarenrae.

Tefya tried. She really did. The problem was that being a cleric involved a lot of, well, reading and paying attention for long periods of time. The Temple of Solku was also filled to the brim with interesting people and even more interesting squirrels. It took three weeks for everyone involved to agree that Tefya was not suited to the studies of a cleric.

Guilty and disappointed, Tefya was about to return to the stall when one of the Paladins of Sarenrae, Amatiri, offered Tefya a chance to join their ranks instead. Tefya took to being a Paladin like a duck to water though some teachers cautioned her to be a bit less enthusiastic in combat. She loved the team work and took it upon herself to look after some of the struggling trainees.

When Amatiri told her the temple wanted a Paladin to join a party to free Kelmarane, Tefya was all too eager to join, even though it meant leaving her family in Solku behind. Part of her hopes that she might find a sign of her missing father.

Of course, Tefya never really got the hang of her studies. Perhaps she’ll have a chance on the journey… as long as there aren’t squirrels.