Campaign Timeline

The Cactus-Slayers are having adventures in their homeland, Katapesh, on the continent of Garund. The Katapeshi follow the Absalom calendar, year 1 being the founding of the great city of Absalom.

Howl of the Carrion King:

Erastus 4, 4709 AR: Majordomo Garavel departs the city of Solku with a band of fledgling adventurers who are to become the Cactus-Slayers

Erastus 11, 4709 AR: The adventurers arrive at the Sultan’s Claw camp and fight the fire. They track the firestarter, a pugwampi, hidden in a cactus field, earning their title of Cactus-Slayers.

Erastus 12, 4709 AR: Lady Almah Rovashki tasks the party with clearing out the ruins of the Monastery of Saint Vardishal. The heroes spend a full day doing so, killing pugwampis, baboons, bloodsucking creatures and finding a mysterious scimitar.

Erastus 13, 4709 AR: The group makes its first forays into Kelmarane and finds that the guardians of the village are quite tough. Tillous nearly falls victim to a dire boar, and the Cactus-Slayers set an ambush for one of the gnoll patrols.

Erastus 14, 4709 AR: Lady Almah has heard rumors of magic treasures in a temple ruin in the nearby mountains. The Cactus-Slayers set out to explore the Refuge of Nethys, finding much danger, and very little treasure. On their return to the monastery they free a cleric of Abadar from a sure death to the dust digger living in the pesh fields outside Kelmarane.

Erastus 15, 4709 AR: The Cactus-Slayers return to Kelmarane, with some intel from the cleric. They free his companion Felliped, a Pathfinder bard, and strike a deal with the harpy lover of the leader of the gnoll tribe. They advance upon the battle market. Within the battle market they find Kiva’s lost friend Haleen who joins them. After defeating all gnoll guards they advance upon Kardswann, the genie who leads the Kulldis tribe. Kardswann recognizes Vardishal in Tefya, shares with them that he’s been dominated by a creature underneath the church of Sarenrae, then asks to be killed.

Erastus 16, 4709 AR: After having spent the night in the now cleared battle market, the Cactus-Slayers investigate the church of Sarenrae. They find a barred door with a glowing metal plate. On the cemetary they defeat an undead former priest of Sarenrae, an hucueva. Finding their camels murdered, they return on foot to the monastery, where they find that Dashki has brought the Three Jaws gnolls to help with defeating the Kulldis tribe. In a final battle, the last remaining Kulldis gnolls and Kardswann’s goblin jester are defeated.

Erastus 17, 4709 AR: The Cactus-Slayers return to Kelmarane after instruction from Lady Almah about the evil that was trapped under Kelmarane twenty years ago. With Lady Almah’s interdict key, they open the door underneath the church. Braving the dangers of the crypta, they reach a cave that houses Xulthos, likely a servant of Rovagug, trapped and sealed. Only Tillous, Tefya and their companion Haleen resist his hypnotic pattern. In an intense fight, Haleen gives her life, so that Kelmarane can be free of this evil, leaving Kiva near mad with grief.

With Kelmarane now free of all dangers, Lady Almah names all Cactus-Slayers Knight-Protectors of Kelmarane, bestowing great honors on all of them.

House of the Beast:

Sarenith 2, 4710 AR: Almost a year after Kelmarane was freed, a mysterious priest comes to the battle market and informs Lady Almah and the Cactus-Slayers that the gnolls are joining up under the banner of the Carrion King, and that the whole region is threatened to be torn apart by war. He asks that someone go to Pale Mountain to find and defeat the Carrion King in his fortress, which is called the House of the Beast. The Cactus-Slayers are eager for new adventures and prepare to investigate.

Sarenith 4, 4710 AR: Traveling upriver through the mountains, the Cactus-Slayers arrive in Tiamah, a mountain village known for their high-quality goats. But something in the mountains has been killing their goats. The Cactus-Slayers proceed and investigate, discovering a salamander lair with an internal power-struggle. The Cactus-Slayers assist Lessaar in disposing of the goat-killing leader and her consort, in exchange for valuable information about the House of the Beast and its contents.

Sarenith 5, 4710 AR: After a night’s rest, the Cactus-Slayers move on to arrive at the House of the Beast to start investigations.