As recorded by Tillous, as the Cactus-Slayers explore the courtyard of the House of the Beast:

Ahhh the fragrant smell of burning dog/gnoll things that we’d just killed fills the air as we move in to loot the bodies. They have some not too bad gear, if a bit smelly. Composite longbows, poisoned arrows, potion of cure moderate wounds, scimitars, Leather Armour. Tefiya chugs the potion after assuming that Kiva has actually told her the truth about what it was.

minaretsHeading further into the compound, there is a set of 3 minarets with no ground level access, the western one appears to have webbing over the windows, and a couple of the party spot a big spider up there. We figure (eventually) that leaving them alone is the best option and check out the other building, where we only find some troglodyte bones so it’s onward to the main building.

Approaching the building from the west, we find a dais with columns and lots of coloured glass sparkling away in the sun. I spot something wrong with the steps and point out that there is a trap of some kind. After an initial idea to just mark off the ones that are triggers ends with an accidental triggering of the bottom step, a caltrop goes through my foot and managed to poison me. Before I get too weak I disable the trap for the others and let them go up the steps, giving a shout when I notice something and shout that there are gnolls ahead.

Qusai spots, lines one up and boom, there goes its head. While I come up the stairs to join the main group, one of them steps out and throws a javelin at Tefya. She doesn’t seem too happy about this and takes the few steps forward and power attacks its arm off.
Kiva chugs some potions and a tiny, floating Kiva jumps into the air, or a tiny Kiva floats into a jump or something. While another gnoll steps out to throw a javelin at me, another shoots and also misses, then one comes out, slips in the blood and guts of its friend, before his mate pretty much does the same.

Qusai takes out another one with one shot before I shuffle round Tefya, stabbing the one that slipped in his friends guts before Tefya stabs him in the heart. Kiva throws one of her bombs at the archer, burning him up and splashing it onto the remaining one who in anger throws his spear at Qusai, landing at his feet so he shoots the last ones head off.

I am very weak by this point with the poison and I go to take a seat while Tefya checks my foot, and the gnolls get looted.

We get ourselves moving again and after a quick check of the door, Tefya opens it and we step though into a hallway, a set of barred doors are in front of us and a corridor goes round what appears to be the central dome. There are beetles and blood all over the walls and the doors around it that are all barred from the outside. A set of stairs goes down at the far side of the area, which Kiva scouts out in her tiny levitating form. There’s bones and big gnolls as well as a barricade and a broken wall.

blobogTefya’s spidy senses aren’t really tingling so we check the door to the south and find an antechamber, with some holes in the floor that go down. Kiva goes down to check it out and it all goes really badly from there. Kiva finds a goblin and her racial hatred kicks in, there’s bombs and things go off and the others decide that they’d better try and go help. I, who really should be pretty good at wriggling through small spaces, am just too weak and it takes several attempts and a brief rest to let Qusai down before I go again. Kiva is trying to kill the goblin, it’s begging for its life and Tefya is trying to talk Kiva out of it. I’m pretty sure Qusai is as ambivalent about it as I am, he just wishes they’d keep the noise down so they don’t attract any more attention!