Tefya’s Year Out

Return to Solku

The dust had barely settled on the corpse of Xulthos before Tefya started getting itchy feet. While many of the group started finding their way in the rebuild of Kelmarane, Tefya could be found sat by the grave of Kardswann, staring at the green mold that speckled her right arm.

It wasn’t a great surprise when Tefya agreed to act as a guard for the first caravan heading back to Solku for building supplies though she promised Lady Almah that she would be back within a month or two. The home journey was pretty uneventful apart from a scuffle with a hungry, desperate hyena that ended up limping away alive but more wary of armoured people.

As soon as Tefya arrived at the temple, she made her way to see Amatiri, her mentor, to both deliver her reports and to explain about the whole moldspeaker/ Kardswann/ Vardishal thing, at least as little as Tefya knew. It was rather a long meeting that ended up in the monastery library as the dawn sun rose. Sadly nothing that either of them could find shed more light on any of it.

Of course, Tefya being Tefya, she didn’t manage to be the most studious. There were just a lot of distractions, old friends dropping in for a chat and a gossip though most of them seemed to believe Kiva or Dashki must have been made up.

Tefya also stopped off at her mother’s stall, handing over 500 gold pieces from her personal adventure profits to help with running the stall. Sadly her little brother was off at another treasure finding trip but Tefya left him a note warning him to be careful and letting him know where to find her if he needed her.

In all, Tefya spent about two weeks in Solku, renewing her connection with Sarenrae, with her friends, her mentors and her family. She managed to concentrate long enough to write a brief essay about a previously unknown creature known as a Pugwampi and whether they could be of Rovagug.

Perhaps Tefya’s greatest success or failure was her somewhat accidental acquisition of Jeska. Tefya was taking a break from the whole ten minutes she managed to spend in the library, half-dozing in the gardens when she felt a thump on her body. Instinct from her recent adventure made her snatch and she ended up with a hand full of Jerboa. She released it apologetically but over the next few days, Tefya saw the little long-eared Jerboa several more times, it becoming more courageous each time.

Eventually, though the offer of several sweet treats from the kitchens, the little Jerboa that Tefya named Jeska spent a fair amount of time perched on Tefya’s shoulder. Tefya bought a small cage and a harness for it anyway, just in case things became more dangerous later on.


Jeska the Jerboa – Isn’t it awesome?!

After that, Tefya joined another caravan of building goods bound back to Kelmarane and arrived home.

Back in Kelmarane

Tefya returned back to Kelmarane happier and in need of a bath after the dusty journey. Already the progress made on the buildings was amazing and she joined the group on the bottom floor of the old Wharfmaster’s house in the simple accommodation set up there.

A lot of her days were spent with the crews working on Sarenrae’s temple, lending a strong arm where she could and helping the new high priest where she could. Her pet Jerboa quickly became a favourite amongst half the building crew and a cursed nuisance to some of the other half.

She did stop off for a few visits to Undrella, giving the harpy a polite warning that she had an eye on her. She promised to honour the original deal and she would leave Undrella alone unless anything evil started happening in Kelmarane then Undrella would be Tefya’s first point of call.

Tefya spent lots of time with Tempest though she didn’t get any further flashes of knowledge. It was one fateful afternoon working on the Church when she realised she left Tempest behind in her rooms. She was just taking time sitting out by Kardswann’s grave again when she pictured Tempest and suddenly the mold on her arm manifested even though she wasn’t holding the sword then it was like the mold around her arm leeched forward and shaped itself into Tempest. In her shock, she dropped the sword where it scattered to green dust and disappeared.

She spent the rest of the day trying to retry the feat but to no avail, eventually deciding she must have spent more time out in the sun that she thought.

It was several days before Tefya left Tempest behind again, the city beginning to hear stories of gnolls raiding, even though Kelmarane’s city boundaries were beginning to get reinforced. There was a call that someone spotted a couple of dark furred gnolls on the outskirts and Tefya charged down, belatedly realising she’d left her sword resting on a rock. Grumbling and about to turn back, Tempest once again manifested in her hand.

This time Tefya kept hold and went out to do her part in battling the stray gnolls. To her surprise, this strange green moldy Tempest acted as well as the real sword. She headed back to the church after the minor skirmish but found the mold sword vanished from her hand as she approached the place she’d left the real Tempest.

Over the course of the new few months, Tefya mastered this strange talent though she found that the mold sword would disappear after three hours no matter what she did and also that it only ever seemed to work once a day and not around the real sword itself.

She hasn’t told anyone else about this strange facet of being the moldspeaker yet apart from the new cleric of the church and a letter back to Amatiri that she hasn’t posted yet.

City life was never really the life for Tefya and fortunately it was about the time a tall gentleman made his way into the Haleen games that Tefya was about ready for the next adventure.