As recorded by Tillous, as they descend further into the catacombs underneath Kelmarane’s church of Sarenrae:

Large work chamber, 5 marble columns, low curved stairs on the far side of the room leading up to a throne type thing.

Kardswan appears to be sitting on the throne gazing at the door with his great axe in hand, waiting on us. As we ponder what is going on amongst ourselves he starts to laugh. Qusai tries to shut the door again while we figure out if he has an evil twin brother or if something else is going on. Unfortunately the door doesn’t shut and he gets to his feet wandering slowly down the stairs asking which of us is going to be his slave as the rest of us will be dead.

The group steps into the room to face Kardswan, Tillous pushes past, moving in behind some pillars when suddenly a swirl of colours appears in front of his eyes which he wants to just stare at… and does.

Tefiya runs over to Tillous and gives him a slap to bring him out of it and gets ready to smite evil on Kardswan.

Kiva dons her slippers of spider climb (Having drunk a shrink person potion earlier) and climbs the wall behind Haleen.

Haleen moves forward and brushes past one of the pillars screaming out that it’s all slimy and stuff which breaks the illusion for everyone else, showing some weird insect thing in place of Kardswan, it has lots of pincery things and it’s pretty gross looking. But she engages it anyway.

Quasai moves up and shoots at it, Phut and it’s a jam.

Feliped moves forward a little bit and starts to sing a nice courageous ditty while getting a crossbow ready.

Tillous moves in behind it and stabs, but has no real clue where to stab it.

Beast starts to beat it’s wings causing most of the party to become confused.

Tefiya power attacks and smacks it up side the chitinous bit with a strong blow.

Kiva is confused and gibbers on the wall.

Haleen is confused and wants to attack something, fortunately the creature is there.

Quasai shows no appreciable difference thanks to the confusion,

Feliped rams a crossbow bolt into his shoulder.

Tillous tries to stab it and fails, he just can’t find the right place to poke it.

The creature attacks Haleen with pincers, bite and tail. almost killing her

Tefiya, power attacks and Kiva bombs Feliped, lots of fire.

Haleen cries for her mother.

Quasai tries to shoot Feliped, but thankfully his gun is jammed and Feliped spends the rest of the action trying to put the fire out.

Tillous finally manages to find a chink in the armour somewhere and does a little bit of damage.

The beast rips out Haleen’s heart with its bite, overpowering her.

Tefiya power attacks again.

Kiva recovers and throws a bomb at it, missing.

Quasai clears his jam.

Feliped heals himself.

Tillous manages to find another chink and stabs it a little.

The creature tries to move away, but it gives the opportunity to Tillous and Tefiya to strike, he misses but Tefiya cuts it in half lifting the air of evil from the place.

Tefiya and Kiva rush to Haleen to check on her, Feliped goes over as well and despite Kiva’s demands that they fix Haleen it obviously doesn’t happen other than a promise from Feliped to write a song in her honour.

Tillous has a really really really good look round the empty room!

Quasai reloads just in case and then hacks off one of the creatures legs as a trophy to take back to Lady Alma.

Tefiya picks up the body and we make our way back to the battle market. The caravan is already there and starting to set everything up as they take over the battle market again.

Quasai tells his tale to some of the guards, before we drop Haleen off in her room before the meeting with Lady Almah.

Stuff happens for a year.

New guy in town that we meet in the battle market while watching one of the Haleen tournaments. An old cleric of Sarenrae that has come in as a traveller and asks to speak to the rulers of the town before leaving for the Inn.

Once Lady Almah has been made aware the group follow her to the Inn to meet the mysterious traveller. He brings a tale of woe from the desert that the tribes are starting to unite under the carrion king.

We agree to go and clean it up with the probable death of the carrion king as the goal.