Field Report on events of 4709, day <redacted> – Report 724-12

Filed by: Tefya
For the Attention Of: Amatiri, Temple of Sarenrae, Solku

Key Involved persons:
Qusai. See appendix A, B, F, F1, H, H1, H2
Tillous Borde. L1… Wait, I had it! I had it a minute ago!
Kiva: See appendix A, F, F2, F3, F4, G, I, J, K, Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3-A, Z3-B. Also Hazardous Materials form I-445-1 and Flammable Risk Assessment F-722 and F-714

Other Involved Persons:
Lady Almah, head of this expedition. Devout follower of Saranrae.
Felliped, Bard, Companion of Oxnard
Haleen, Gladiator in the battlemarket, friend of Kiva.
Dashki, erm… see below?
Harsk, gnoll of the Three Jaws Tribe
Jester, annoying goblin from battle market

This report continues from 724-11 and is a true and accurate picture of events as noted

Part I – Gnolls on a hill

So we reached the bottom of the hill towards the monastery and began to ascend when we saw Dashki looking very friendly with a group of gnolls. My companions were able to quietly ascend the hill but unfortunately my armor so far proves somewhat hard to move quietly in. Fortunately the gnolls and Dashki were friendly to us as much as gnolls ever can. It appears there is some lingering tension in the region between the gnolls of the Three Jaws and the Kuldis gnolls who were formerly led by the fallen Templar of the Five Winds, Kardswann.

It appears that Dashki spent some part of his childhood among the gnolls and had brought them here to aid in the battle against the Kuldis. We pointed out that the Kuldis were little threat anymore and Qusai attempted to redirect them to investigate the Temple of Nethys instead but they seemed determined.

Before we could resolve the situation, the tinkling of bells was heard and at the bottom of the hill, the jester from the battle market had gathered a group of surviving gnolls and hyenas to launch an attack. The element of surprise was somewhat lost by my armor once more.

It is worth commending the Three Jaws gnolls effort in battle as they stood steadfast in attacking the Kuldis gnolls.
The same cannot be said for Dashki who hit cowardly at the back of the battlefield.

Fortunately we were easily able to finish off the gnolls though there was a mild incident around our friendly alchemist and a potion that had a strange effect. Let’s just say I got a new view on things.

The greatest danger came from one of the hyenas determinedly trying to savage our dwarf, probably owing to them being about the same height. Fortunately Kiva’s companion, Haleen, rushed to her defence and one of the friendly gnoll archers provided cover.

Dashki’s cowardly actions attracted the ire of our gunslinger who landed a mighty blow onto his nose, leaving it somewhat flatter than it was. The Three Jaws Gnolls didn’t seem to mind and in fact left Dashki behind as they left to a fortress, taking with them the hyena bodies. One of them did make a strange gesture over the body of the Kuldis gnolls: kinda squatting over its face. Perhaps some facet of gnoll culture?

Part II – The Monastery

We returned to the monastery to find it untouched by the gnolls and were swiftly escorted to see Lady Almah though the guards did seem amused by Dashki’s nasal predicament. Unfortunately when we arrived, Dashki was telling untruths to the Lady regarding his heroics in freeing Kelmarane and in defeating the remaining Kuldis gnolls.

Qusai’s temper got the better of him and he pistol-whipped the coward unconscious. I must confess that I did not attempt to stop him but in the circumstances, I felt his dishonesty was too much to bear.

With Dashki rendered unable to further disrupt things, we related the freeing of Kelmarane to Lady Almah including the unfortunate but necessary death of Kardswann and the mysterious locked door in the temple. It appears that Lady Almah had been keeping some secrets though as she knew more about the loss of Kelmarane to the gnolls that she previously admitted.

Kelmarane fell about 20 years ago when the priests of Sarenrae fell under the sway of a foul creature from the great beyond. It took control of the high priest and the people of Kelmarane turned to madness. The pactmaster soldiers tried to pacify the town and left it in ruin but were unable to get rid of the evil. They left it locked in the crypt. The pactmasters said that the evil must have waned and would be possible to defeat once and for all. Almah has a key to the door.

Various members of my party did seek a reward for cleaning the city but I believe I was successful in convincing them that good deeds are their own reward… Lady Almah did say she would offer various positions of power to us once the city is reclaimed. I am not entirely sure that is sensible given the time I have spent with my companions.

During the course of the conversation, Qusai sought sanctuary for the harpy to remain in the city. I’m not sure if a harpy has ever been redeemed but it seems like I may have the opportunity to try. Kiva’s friend, Haleen, was also given freedom to remain and Lady Almah said she would look forward to seeing Haleen set up the gladiator fights. I trust her a lot more than the harpy.

The evening passed quietly after that with Qusai and Tillous engaging in a game of ruk and a good night’s sleep.

Part III – To The Church

It was an early start in the morning with a somewhat disappointing breakfast. It appears Hadrad and Hadred are upset with us about the loss of the camels outside Kelmarane. They were also unable to provide further camels so we had a long hike back to the church, joined by both Haleen and the bard Felliped. Lady Almah entrusted me with the key and upon reaching the door and pressing the key to the plate, it swung open to reveal steps down.

The steps led to an oval room with a well in the centre and a large gong to one side. Qusai immediately banged the gong (and people think I’m not stealthy) and a door slid open to the north. There was also a grinding sound coming from the well. Before we could even head north, three fire elementals emerged from within the well though they took the shape of Sarenrae’s symbol. This suggested to me that they were once guardians of the temples, this was near confirmed as I held up my holy symbol of Sarenrae and the elementals stopped advancing.

Qusai touched one of the elementals and barely dodged away from getting burnt. Fortunately they did not attack him.

We backed out of the door towards the north and found a large room that had the funeral urn of the first priest of the temple in the centre and several niches. The fire elementals followed which was a little problematic as I had no wish to harm them but we couldn’t risk them attacking us. We managed to lead them around the room, including a bit of time when my companions explored a store room full of offerings to the temple that I’m absolutely sure none of my companions were even slightly tempted to take.

We circled back into the oval room, Tillous using his wits to jam the well mechanism. Kiva had located another holy symbol and she threw it in front of the fire guardians, causing them to halt in their tracks.

Qusai struck the gong again, much to the annoyance of Kiva, and the door shut leaving the fire guardians harmlessly kept away through the door. We then descended down into the well, most of my companions finding the climb easy but my new armor tricked me again and I almost fell, just grabbing onto a hold and clanging my elbow against the wall. Other than that, we got down without injury.

Down beneath was a rough chamber blocked with a rusty portcullis. My strength aided by that of Qusai failed me but our new companion, Haleen, seemed to lift it without much difficulty. We walked through a long chamber with several recesses occupied by several priest corpses, we were almost to the end when three of them sprung to life. I wielded Sarenrae’s energy against the undead which seemed enough to fell one of them. The other two were seemingly taken down by a shot from Qusai and a blow from Haleen.

I say seemingly because as soon as we breathed a sigh of relief, they sprang back to life. This strange event was enough to unnerve many of my companions and Tillous, Haleen and Qusai were all stricken by fear and fled from battle. The knowledge that Sarenrae stood with me I believe shielded me from the same fate. I called to them to stay back which our dwarf, unafflicted by fear, took heed of.

I managed to destroy two of the resurrected monsters by which time most of my companions had shaken off their fear and returned to battle, just in time to destroy the last of the strange corpses.

Now all that is left is to go through the last door where I believe the monster, possibly a spawn of Rovagug, lies in wait. In case we do not survive, I have hidden this record beneath a rock under the temple. If we die in battle, I hope that another Paladin of Sarenrae can come back and destroy this beast.