The Fifteenth of Erastus, 4709 Absalom Reckoning

As written by Tillous Borde

Qusai gets his cologne out and splashes a bit on ready for his meeting with the Harpy, Tefiya gives him a despairing look, Qusai glances back knowingly and the conversation with Felliped ends up with him coining the title of his next top 10 hit “I’ll make her mine, despite the slime.” Tefiya doesn’t seem quite so impressed with Felliped’s questions though.

A quick discussion on etiquette results in Qusai knocking on the door before going in to see the Harpy. Kiva wanders off investigating the cauldrons and stuff while Qusai hands over the mamba head. Qusai is left to do the talking and Tefiya takes the key before Qusai can.

Undrella tells us that there are 2 more patrols out in the hinterlands trying to find us. The Schir demon is still patrolling the town, and to try and take it by surprise so that we don’t get gored by it, Cold Iron works better on them. Further up there is a guardhouse with a gnoll and his hyena pack, he has a warning horn that he can summon aid from the battle market.

Kardswann usually has a Flind (Big nasty gnoll) with him at all times he usually stays in the upper levels of the battlemarket. He’s a large man with a big.. axe.

There’s a discussion about whether or not we should go back and warn the camp about the two patrols hunting them. In the end we send Feliped back to the camp with a spare waterskin and Qusai’s camels.

The Party makes their way to where they found the dire boar and peer along the road that curls along the base of the hillside. Tillous takes up a scouting position and fails to hear anything until they get right up towards the corner. Hearing what sounds like stomping something crashes and a cloud of dust rises up, everyone scatters for cover and we hear a voice saying “4 humans”.


The Schir Demon, or was it Tit?

Kiva is rooting around in her backpack and doesn’t notice it first that the demon has jumped up and landed on top of the building that her and Qusai are hiding at the base of.
Tillous gets up and wanders forward asking “I hear you’ve got some openings for slavers or gladiators?”
Qusai tries to shoot it in the face, hits and grazes it.
Tefiya says “That we are here to consider business on the behalf of our lady” It was really very convincing.
Kiva steps beside Tefiya,
The Tit Demon jumps down and smacks Qusai
Tillous steps round behind it and slices into it with his short sword.
Qusai steps back and reloads
Tefiya steps into the place where Qusai used to be and tries to punch it.
Kiva hesitates a moment and them throws a bomb into it’s face, right into it’s face, but it looks like the fire is fading out on it’s skin.
The Tit demon turns and gores Tillous who has really hurt it apparently it gets him in the stomach.
Tillous slices it up again
Qusai takes a step to the side, he shoots and misses everyone though something is up with the musket.
Tefiya hits it with Tempest and it doesn’t seem to do too much.
Kiva yells and charges in and tries to smack it with her mace.. and misses
The Tit demon looks panicked and it screeches in it’s own tongue, probably spellcasting.
Tillous is having none of that and slices it again, doing his best to bewilder it, successfully apparently and he interrupts the casting.
Qusai pistol whips the demon with his musket.
Tefiya tries to hit it again and misses.
Kiva smacks it in the nuts and it goes down in a bleating heap, Tillous and Qusai both taking a step away from Kiva with a wince.

Hearing gnolls howling in the distance, the group run up the hill round the corner into the cover of the buildings and pause for breath, checking up the road there doesn’t seem to be anything coming so the party start to make their way along the road. Making it to the end of the road we find the end of the cover and no more buildings. Tillous picks the lock on the door of the last building, an old trade office. They find a few things.

Small pouch, old coinage 46gp 24sp 75cp
Fancy hourglass, gold inlay.
Potion of detect secret doors
Potion of dissolving adhesive (3 uses)

kelmaraneDeciding on a plan of action we decide to just brass neck it and wander up towards the gatehouse, claiming to be smugglers to keep the gnoll distracted while Kiva and her shrink person potion sneak away and up to the door of the gatehouse with a little help from Qusai and his swagger. An unwitting comment regarding slaves and Kiva reacts badly and she batters the door down. The gnoll runs down the stairs shouting at the Hyenas which start to attack.

Kiva throws a bomb at the old ballistae and sets it alight.
Qusai, Tefiya and the Hyenas all run towards each other, Tefiya calling a prayer as she goes. Tillous runs towards the wall, hoping he can climb it and get in the way before the gnoll gets to the statue.

Qusai shoots a Hyena
Tillous fails to find a way up the wall.
Kiva hits the same Hyena and breaks it’s muzzle.
The Hyena’s try and attack the women, one of them breaking a tooth on Tefiya’s armour.
Tefiya takes her longsword in two hands and beheads one of the Hyena’s in one move.
Tillous makes a start up the wall.
Kiva misses a Hyena with her tiny mace.
Tefiya breaks away in an attempt to run up the stairs for the gnoll but the hyena takes the opportunity to jump on her back and knock her down.
Qusai shoots and hits
Tillous makes it to the bridge
Kiva Misses,
Tefiya is shaking of the hyena and getting to her feet she takes another double handed grip and slices the Hyena in half.
Qusai shoots and kills
Tillous still can’t get up to the horn on the statute and falls on his arse instead.
The others having finished off the Hyena’s run up the stairs to confront the gnoll who seems surprised that the Hyena’s didn’t work!
Qusai stays to guard the door
The gnoll switches weapons
Tillous eventually gets up onto the statue,
Kiva hits the gnoll
Tefiya slices the gnoll with her new found style, taking it’s arm off.

With the gnoll disarmed, Tillous removes his scarf and disables the horn. the others search the building, but it’s amazingly clear of anything other than a pile of stinking meat, hopefully food for the Hyenas. Kiva is all for going on but wont say anything more about the woman we know to be in the cells.

We decide to carry on regardless and see what happens so with Tefiya scruffed up a bit we saunter off, somewhere off to the south there is another intact building, it might be a temple of Sarenrae but the Paladin has no clue. Opposite the entrance to the battlemarket is what is likely to be the old Packmaster palace but there are no doors on this side of the building.

30e8cdb650913568620dc95241cb2660On entering the battlemarket we are greeted by a goblin jester who tells us to come and speak to “The voice of the Carrion king”